OLRG and the Pureblood Phoenix

No, no, no, Harry Potter didn’t come join the Old Ladies. (Thank goodness, I don’t know what  I would say to the boy  who lived).

In an attempt to get Momokawa her staff, we went to Firelands again. Twice. Because Juju could also enjoy the staff. Fandral is still being selfish, and won’t let Matty play.  We had our usual suspects, along with Merican and Helke’s brother.  Fun was had, even if the second run was a little more sketchy, with none of us on our highly geared toons.

That being said, the first time around a bright orange ball was in the chest left behind at Ragnaros.

Breige Tames Fire

Breige Tames Fire


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  1. It’s beautiful! I’m beginning to worry that we all might have one of those before that rat bastard drops Momo’s staff. And I don’t have a highly geared character just some I like the bestest, lol.


    • I’ll be there to watch most of them drop, too! I need to figure out how much of the tier set Breige actually has, so I know when to start bringing another toon regularly. I have a long-term goal involving tier sets, but that will be a post for another time.


  2. Congrats again! I am hoping maybe I win the mount someday, too, but at least someone I liked got it! (Since I like all of you…)


  3. (And we were all geared enough: just turns out healers do some important things!)


    • True, true. I think we had at least one death every boss (partially because we had an 85 warlock with us) Which reminds me that I could probably bring my lower level toons along to do some XP soaking. 🙂


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