Clan of Three Hammers: Stoic

This is the eighth part of the series. HeroHonorLoyal , Tradition, Stubborn, Explorer and Brave are the previous installments.

Stoic. Persistent. Give and take. Dwarves live with this their whole lives. Warlocks especially, for we must give a little for the power of our demons, from whom we take. But with whom we also build rapport.

Stoicism is not just silent endurance, though we have that in spades. Stoicism is also an understanding of what can and cannot be changed. It helps when dealing with demons, the Nether. It helps when learning control.

I spend my time studying the ways of demons, through those I have bound to my control. I use my knowledge to help the world. To work towards true brotherhood among the Dwarves. In Ironforge, the peace between the clans is strung tight. Our stoicism hides our true feelings. But mumbles are heard in the Inns; near homes. Never in the corridors of the great city.

I hear often of the warlocks who practiced their demonology under the city of Orgrimmar, of their ultimate betrayal of their own people, and I sigh inwardly. While often misunderstood, warlocks can work for good alongside the more traditional roles of mage or warrior. We lend our strength. We provide great fighters who cannot be killed, only banished, yet we find ourselves congregating in small, dark places.


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