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Clan of Three Hammers: Tenacious

This is the last part of the series. HeroHonorLoyal , Tradition, Stubborn, Explorer, Brave, Stoic and Pragmatic are the previous installments.

Tenacious. Dwarves will not let go. It surprises me very much that there are not more dwarfish Death Knights. We can appear relentless. Dark Iron Dwarves are even more tenacious than our cousins. We go it alone, believing that Azeroth is in dire trouble. Perhaps it is because we have dug deeper than the others, or because we chose a volcanic mountain to make our home, instead of the more stable ones our cousins chose.

But this does not mean that we are all cultists. Many of us believe that the world can be saved. Because of the cultists, because of Thaurissan, we are shunned by the Alliance. Considered enemies of the Bronzebeards and the Wildhammer. Still some of us went to Northrend to put a stop to the scourge. And some of us did not return when the Horde and Alliance finally go around to making a stand. For we were already Death Knights, or scourged ghouls, or worse.

When I broke free of the Lich King, a dwarf thought he knew me. I slew him out of pity, for he did not know me. He thought I was a daughter of Ironforge, when in fact, I am a daughter of Blackrock.

I search for my past. A member of the Alliance now, it is more difficult; though with Thaurissan gone, and Moira as regent to her son, it has become easier. Perhaps one day, the tenacity of the dwarves will prove to give us closure on our past, and we will live as cousins should.


Screen Shot a Day: Sep 7

Father Winter

Father Winter

This is what Ironforge looked like the first time I tried to get my gifts from Greatfather Winter. He’s in there somewhere….

Screen Shot a Day: Sep 6

I Need...

I Need…

…someone who can wear this mog. Unfortunately, it’s mail with a polearm, so I’m not sure it can still be done in game.  I might need to see if I can get something that looks similar in plate.

Screen Shot a Day: Sept 5

Upside Down

Upside Down

Sometimes the gnomes will give it a little too much juice as they fly off the track, and then they’re upside down.

Screenshot a Day: Sep 4



Dwarves, humans, and Draenai all worked together, and I was able to make this one myself

Screenshot a Day: Sept 3



You would think that the gnomes have plenty of buttons, but no, they seem fond of levers. I had to resort to an old toy to find a decent button.

Screenshot a Day: Sept 2



Not far from the Dwarven District is a metal grate. It’s old and bent, and it’s not hard to get to the other side. Once, it was the edge of the city, but no longer.

Screen Shot a Day: Sept 1

I decided to try and do this little thing that Tycertank provides for us, as I’ve always found various other bloggers takes on the phrase of the day quite interesting. I will, of course, be putting a thoroughly Dwarvish spin on this.

Without further ado, I give you In My Cup


A dwarf is always most comfortable at home, and for Breige, home will always be the the Golden Keg in Stormwind’s Dwarven District.   As you can see, she’s waiting for Gurdrid and Saoire, and hoping you might stop by as well.