Dwarf planning


The next step in creating a dwarfish stronghold: Planning the buildings.

Large Buildings:

Dwarven Bunker


These go without saying. The Bunker because, well, Dwarves. The Barracks so I can have 25 followers. Also, this way I don’t have to destroy the starter barracks.

Medium Buildings:

Lunarfall Inn

Trading Post

The Inn was another duh moment. Every Dwarven anything has a pub after all. Also, only a select few dwarves come from quests. To get all of them, I need to recruit. I started thinking the lumber mill would be wise, then realized I have lots of unused resources on Gurdrid and Breige, why not use the Trading Post instead – less work that way.

Small Buildings:

Engineering Works


Salvage Yard

Putting in the Engineering Works is because Saoire is an Engineer. I chose the salvage yard for cash mostly. The Storehouse is pure convenience. Well, and it’s run by a dwarf.

Now Saoire just needs to level , get enough resources to do the appropriate upgrades, and start recruiting followers.  I’ve decided that I’m going to go ahead and use the “free” followers (the ones from quests) that she gets on her way to 100 until I run out of room for them, then they will be retired in favor of dwarves.


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  1. I thought having the Storehouse was a little silly as I could just fly to Ashran. Boy was I wrong, Cat loves having all her mats right there so she can easily dole them out to the others for crafting.


    • I agree. I don’t have one on Breige, and I would regret it, except I like all the things she has in her Garrison. So I deal; but Gurdrid and Saoire will both have one.


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