5 Followers, 2 Dwarves

I spent most of my WoW time this weekend on Saoire. She’s now gotten two of the 5 total available dwarves from questing: Bruma Swiftstone and Delvar Ironfist.  Delvar still cracks me up.  She’s only level 91, so still in Shadowmoon Valley, and still only has two plots (which house the Barracks and Engineering Works).

I do have to ask, though, why is the Engineering Works being run by humans? Why are they not Gnomes?  It would be nice if Blizzard had put some thought into using the races more equally in the buildings.  Lots and lots of humans, a good number of Night Elves, a smattering of Draenei, and the rare Dwarf or Gnome.   This seems to fit with the racial “balance” of the followers, as well, the Draenei understandably tip the balance here, since we get some actually from Draenor, as opposed to the others, who all had to come through the portal.


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  1. My human warlock must have thought there was a racial imbalance because i noticed she has the dwarves guarding her garrison, no humans for her!


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