Drama Time

Note: While no names are being used in this piece, some people may be able to guess who I am talking about. If you can guess, it’s because you were involved, or heard something from someone who was involved. Some of what is posted here is conjecture based on events I witnessed or conversations I have had with one or more individuals. If I get something wrong, it’s probably because I made an incorrect assumption. Consider it an exercise in the telephone game.

No matter how much I try to avoid it, drama happens. It’s a given that players have different goals in a game as vast as World of Warcraft. In this particular case, I believe the drama happened because of a couple of things that could have been easily solved.  But I was not directly privy to the problems until a breaking point, and things happened well outside of my control.

While I’m talking about a particular situation that many of my readers already potentially know more than I do about motivations, I am writing this in part to get it out of my system.

I have been raiding with an awesome group of individuals, many of whom I call friend. I will not say that we are Leet, though I would say that several of these players are or could be in the right environment. This was one of the problems that manifested.

Another problem is that the leader of our merry band was hearing from squeaky wheels. Whether rightly or not, I do not know, because this leader kept that information relatively close to the chest. Perhaps to spare the feelings of others – even me. So this leader was doing all the work of leading both a guild and a raiding team.

Which leads to a third problem. Leaders need to delegate, which was not happening, putting a lot of pressure all on one person. Who probably has some personal stuff going on as well, as noted by comments made casually.

We had a bad raid night. We struggled with bosses we were doing well on, we fell apart on bosses we were already struggling with. We didn’t even get to the boss we were actively working on. And to add to it, some of our raiders were getting further with another group of people.

This created a chasm, and filling that chasm were a number of difficult feelings. Resentment from those who chose to/could/wanted to raid into the wee hours of the morning and throughout the week. Irritation from those who chose not to/couldn’t pick up extra raid times throughout the week to get practice and gear.  All of it veiled under a layer of camaraderie. I do not think this layer was false, merely hiding the problems that were beginning to show under the surface.

This bad raid night turned out to be a snapping point. The following day’s raids were cancelled at the last minute. A few people were able to pick up into raids or do some LFR; but there were a lot of people who were quite confused by the whole thing.

The next week rolled around, and communication was sketchy about whether raids would happen. Something was put together with another guild, and we were able to get some raid time in. The next night, however, we logged in to no guild. No official communication was made. A few people talked to the former guild leader, and from conversations I’ve had with those people, I have made some additional conjectures which have already been presented.

When we raided that night, I realized a number of things, not the least of which was that I had felt a lot of pressure to perform, and while I had a great time, I always felt a little bit carried.  Perhaps those feelings went the other way as well, and people felt as though they were carrying me. I couldn’t say, because no one told me in so many words.

Many of us have now joined that guild that we raided with during that week, and raids are continuing. The new group is beginning to gel, though there is clearly history around raiding in that group as well, which I hope can be resolved without too much trouble to everyone.

On a more personal note, and to end this happily, my new computer is built, and it has a fancy new video card. These two things have significantly fixed many of my lag issues, giving me two things: better ability to react to mechanics, and also a significant DPS boost. I don’t feel so carried any more. And I’m still melee in a raiding world that gives advantage to ranged DPS.


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  1. We never can know all the things, but knowing you and your insight, there feel like a lot of truths here. Good post Breige.


    • True that we can’t know everything, and I’m sure my optimism is painting many things in a more positive light than reality. But as my wife pointed out to me later, it’s possible she didn’t know what she wanted until she didn’t have it.

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