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Oh, the Shiny!

Esmund BrightshieldI snuck onto the game this morning before rolling restarts to see if we would have any luck getting a treasure hunting dwarf. Really, they should all have this ability. I suppose the goblins can have it, too, for balance.

Anyway, the shiny gear may have drawn me to him anyway, but Esmund Brightshield has now joined Saoire’s group. He sped off to his first mission so fast I only have this little shot of him.



Grianna, a mage with a mog

One of the things I’ve noticed about myself is that I don’t quite get completely invested in my characters until they have a mog to wear, or to work on. Saoire had her mog somewhere in the 30s or 40s, when I got an awesome drop, the Bard’s Boots.

But Grianna, well, a frost mage whose name is Celtic for Sun certainly has an interesting juxtaposition going on. But, being a Drunken Fish mean’s that our Jefa has a keen eye for exquisite mog pieces.   There were two pretty light blue dresses in the guild bank, so I asked if I could have one.   I wasn’t sure where I was going to go with it, but the results are… maybe my best mog yet. (Didn’t I just say that about a certain paladin’s mog?)

Frost Mage of the Sun?

Frost Mage of the Sun?

Head: Circlet of Arcane Might

Shoulders: Arachnidian Pauldrons

Chest: Shroud of Spiritual Purity

Hands: Soulcloth Gloves

Waist: Sutarn’s Ring

Feet: Regal Boots

Weapon: Communal Staff

I’m beginning to think one of the reasons everyone mogs cloth so much is that you don’t have to figure out pants, and there are just so many cool staves out there.  In this case, I also got to cheat with the gloves (they clash horribly, being purple and gold) because you can only see the gold edging under the sleeves of this dress. Perfect!  Likewise, the boots aren’t an ideal fit, but the dark bluish-black color that shows just works with this outfit.

Torin, Noreen and Dag

Over the past month, Saoire has recruited three new dwarves…

Most recenlty, Torin Coalheart, a DK who found he still had strong ties to Ironforge.



Noreen Trueflint, a shaman from the highlands.


Dag Stonecircle, also a shaman, but from the closer locale of Loch Modan.  Dag is a bit shy, and disappears every time Saoire isn’t giving him orders, so she had to catch him unawares…


That’s a total of 5 Dwarf followers recruited through the Inn.  I really ought to look through the others to make see if there’s somewhere I can pick up any more. I’m up to a total of 9, which is by far the largest company out of my 25, but still not suitable for Moira to make a trek out to see what I’ve put together for the glory of the Three Hammers.