Torin, Noreen and Dag

Over the past month, Saoire has recruited three new dwarves…

Most recenlty, Torin Coalheart, a DK who found he still had strong ties to Ironforge.



Noreen Trueflint, a shaman from the highlands.


Dag Stonecircle, also a shaman, but from the closer locale of Loch Modan.  Dag is a bit shy, and disappears every time Saoire isn’t giving him orders, so she had to catch him unawares…


That’s a total of 5 Dwarf followers recruited through the Inn.  I really ought to look through the others to make see if there’s somewhere I can pick up any more. I’m up to a total of 9, which is by far the largest company out of my 25, but still not suitable for Moira to make a trek out to see what I’ve put together for the glory of the Three Hammers.


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