Whoops! It’s Been Awhile

Eep. A Wrap-up Post; or maybe my thoughts on 6.2…


Things have been busy; before 6.2 dropped, when we got the information about flying, I went right out and made sure I had all the achievements. To my surprise, the only one Gurdrid was missing was Securing Draenor, which was easy to knock off as she had done all but a few of the Apexis Crystal dailies.

Grinding the reps that dropped in 6.2 has been a little more challenging. The easiest (for me) is done (Hand of the Prophet); but I’m one weekly away from completing The Saberstalkers. Order of the Awakened seems to be more challenging because I’m not so keen on chasing rares, which seems to be the best way to get the items for the Order’s dailies.   I really wish we could collect them from everything, and just turn in 10 per day. Then I could collect a bunch on weekends (or while I’m doing other stuff after I’ve turned in the quest).

Ship Yard

I really dislike the ship yard. I don’t like that I can lose ships if I don’t swap things out to guarantee the success of the mission. In particular, I dislike that I have to go hunting specific rares and things to get the items to guarantee that I don’t lose my ships.

On the other hand, I might find it less frustrating when I can either fly or have my ship table inside my garrison.


Helke is back to raiding! (Yay!). Matty hasn’t been able to raid as much (boo!).  Interestingly, last week was the first week we had a guild group for the raid, thanks to a few additions to the guild.  We’ve been doing a bit better at gelling and making progress on bosses this raid, which is nice. We stepped into heroic last week, and got our behinds handed to us. Soooo not prepared. But we’ll get there. Maybe.

Not the Paladin

Breige has been puttering around in Tanaan, partially to get her ilvl up so she can be a placeholder for the raids, but also just because.

I’ve expanded Aingrit’s method of leveling to include getting the outposts so that she can expand her garrison. Doing so got her the mine, which means more easy leveling.

Active leveling time has been going to Sruith, who is at level 96. She’ll be my first clothy to hit 100, and I’m looking forward to finishing off her mog. I’ve ended up having to adjust the one that Cymre originally designed for me, since a couple of the pieces are no longer accessible in the game.

I have an 11th dwarf now. She’s only level 2, and I made her a rogue in an attempt to deter actually trying to level her. But Fáilteoir is my official bank toon. At some point, I may decide she needs a guild bank, but for the moment, her bank is sufficient to a clerk’s task.

I’ve been amusing my guildies with the pronunciations of my toons names. Unfortunately, we don’t have much in the way of active rogues in the guild, so people who want lockboxes unlocked need to know how to spell Saoire (which is easy, unless I tell you it’s “Shurry”).




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