Sruith’s Mog

It’s been busy couple of days for Sruith: She has dinged 100, acquired the last two pieces of her mog, and acquired a snow fox kit. I think she has had an astounding week, and now gets to relax until she has to go hunting for an artifact weapon.

The mog, you may recall, was designed by Cymre, but I had to adjust it because I didn’t acquire some pieces before they weren’t available.

Sruith-complete-mogWhitemane’s Embroidered Chapeau
Primal Mooncloth Shoulders, Robes
Mana Shaping Handwraps
Voidweave Cilice Veteran’s Silk Belt
Eternal Boots
Cataclysmic Gladiator’s Energy Staff Twisted Visage


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  1. Oh nice work! Those pieces work well together and congrats on the level and pet.


    • Thank you. It wasn’t overly difficult, since the two staves have quite similar colors. More amazing, in my opinion, is that those gloves and the staff dropped on the same evening. The Arctic Fox Kit was icing on the cake, even though it was the first of the three bits of luck to happen.


  2. Congratulations! She looks fabulous!


    • Most of the credit goes to Cymre. It wasn’t hard to switch out a red and gold belt for a red and gold belt. Picking the staff was a tiny bit more challenging, but only a tiny bit.


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