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My Week In WoW (November 4-11)


I’ve decided to stop raiding for what may be the rest of the expansion.  I need to get some things in my home life in order, and two nights a week staying up an hour or (usually) more past my bedtime is not working for that.  That wasn’t the only factor, but the other reasons aren’t something I’m comfortable discussing at large. I’ve spoken with a few people about it, and that’s really enough.


Timeless Isle rep is trucking right along. Not as fast as I would “like” but certainly better than not at all.


No dwarves this week.


Grianna broke 60 and headed into Outland. She’s rolled into 64 now, and is just about to embark into Nagrand.  Since she’s out of rested XP, leveling moves to Kemodne for at least a few days.


Kemodhne rolled around to 30, and headed over to Kalimdor to finish her run to 60. I didn’t burn through all of her rested XP, but decided to go run the Circuit of Disappointment instead.


I got the Blizzcon virtual ticket, and really enjoyed the WoW panels, costume contest (though I tuned in just in time to see the announcement of the winners), and watched a few Hearthstone games, both exhibition and championship play.  Murkidan is so adorable!   I have lots of thoughts about what we saw regarding Legion, but I’m going to hang onto those for another post.


My Week In WoW (October 28 – November 3)


Raiding was pretty similar to last week. No new kills. I did pick up my best-in-slot axe from Kazuun, which was a nice addition to my gear.  Also, as mentioned the other day, we acquired a gorgeous mount.  That made up for the lack of a mount from a certain horseman who has no head.

I also acquired the new pets and toys from the Hallow’s End event, so I am once again caught up on that stuff.


Now that bone collecting is complete, I’m working on Timeless Isle rep for that mount. I just go do the dailies by killing various fiery guys instead of the animals. I do grab rares when I can, but they go down so fast now, that that is near impossible if anyone else sees them first.  I did get the Everlasting Kiln toy while killing elites, so that was nice.

The circuit of disappointment – currently Zul’Gurub for both mounts, Karazahn for the infamous reins no one seems to ever get, and Stonecore – yielded nothing this week.


For the second week in a row, a dwarf showed up at the garrison to join the cause. Meet Alasdair Whitepeak

Alasdair Whitepeak


Wait, that wasn’t nearly excited enough.

OMG!! OMG!! OMG!!!

That’s better.

Girls Gone WoW did a nifty little contest for their 200th episode, which I participated in. And I was the lucky winner of this:


It’s huge! And Beautiful! And I don’t think I would want to make it mad. Look at those cunning eyes!

Thank you, EJ and Raven!