My Week In WoW (October 28 – November 3)


Raiding was pretty similar to last week. No new kills. I did pick up my best-in-slot axe from Kazuun, which was a nice addition to my gear.  Also, as mentioned the other day, we acquired a gorgeous mount.  That made up for the lack of a mount from a certain horseman who has no head.

I also acquired the new pets and toys from the Hallow’s End event, so I am once again caught up on that stuff.


Now that bone collecting is complete, I’m working on Timeless Isle rep for that mount. I just go do the dailies by killing various fiery guys instead of the animals. I do grab rares when I can, but they go down so fast now, that that is near impossible if anyone else sees them first.  I did get the Everlasting Kiln toy while killing elites, so that was nice.

The circuit of disappointment – currently Zul’Gurub for both mounts, Karazahn for the infamous reins no one seems to ever get, and Stonecore – yielded nothing this week.


For the second week in a row, a dwarf showed up at the garrison to join the cause. Meet Alasdair Whitepeak

Alasdair Whitepeak


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