Quiet (not the book about Introverts)

It’s been quiet around here, not because I haven’t been playing WoW, but because I haven’t been doing much of note in the game.

I stopped raiding because our raid team’s schedule just didn’t work for me in the long run. Two late nights in a row did not add up to a happy Shoryl. Unfortunately, raiding is a thing that I really enjoy doing, (along with leveling dwarves, running old content, and… you know the drill); so I needed to figure out what I was going to do about the raiding thing.

After I got myself on the Twisted Nether Blogcast, then went to a round table again in a later episode, I started listening to a whole lot of podcasts. That led to my guest appearance on the Girls Gone WoW podcast to talk about the races of Azeroth. And next week, I’ll be sitting down to chat with Leeta at Behind the Avatar.

But all that podcast listening led me down a thoughtful path as well. The reason I moved to Whisperwind was to raid, and I needed to decide how I am going to deal with raiding in Legion. All those podcasts up there: a bunch of them have something in common: Convert to Raid, a mega-guild on Aerie Peak-US. This is not to disparage the other podcasters, but sometimes trends have their reasons.

As it turned out, there happened to be a meetup mentioned on twitter by some of those podcasters, that was going to be local to me. So I decided to trundle myself off on the Saturday after Christmas and take a moment to see if I was just being a fan-girl, or if there might be some sort of common ground.  What I found was a group of very warm and friendly people, willing to bring me into the fold. It felt a lot like my youth, when I hung out on bulletin boards (there I go, showing my age), and users would meet at restaurants for an evening of hanging out with people who got them.  This is, in fact, my tribe.

So, moving various toons to Whisperwind was a pricey endeavor. But now, I have 8 level 100 toons, as well as a mage at 90. The prospect of spending $200 to actually move my dwarves to the new server is just not good sense for me right now. So I started thinking, and have decided to use gold to buy sub time, while using that money that would have been spent on my sub to move the toons. A plan was born.

Gurdrid went first, after a re-rolled Kemodhne scoped the guild a little bit more. The downside is that Breige is going to have to change her name to Briege, and Grianna will be changing to Griana. I suppose I can’t complain that only 2 of 10 names were taken, especially when several of them were modifications of the randomizer.

I am still not absolutely certain what will happen with raiding, but the new guild has a multitude of raiding teams, and a pretty easy system for starting your own. We’ll see what happens when we get a little closer to Legion.


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  1. I can sympathise with your raiding dilemma. My team stopped some time ago and I really miss it. We didn’t have enough people on the team to do mythics (and most people didn’t want to bother with them) so we stopped. It’s been very quiet since then and I’ve pondered whether or not I should find a new team. But I love the people in my guild too much to leave, so I keep levelling alts instead 🙂

    I hope your new guild works out for you and that you are able enjoy raiding with them. 🙂


    • It seems to be working out very nicely. There’s a raid team that goes on Sunday mornings and starts just after my wife gets up; so if they keep going in Legion, that’s an option. I’m watching a few raid teams to see how they go through the end of the expansion.


  2. I hope the move works out for you and you get to do what you love.


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