Temple of Sethraliss

I am creating a short series of posts for Mythic+ dungeons to provide notes to the team. We are just beginning our journey in this system and are not pushing high keys yet.


  • Gurdrid: Remember to Beacon the tank
  • Zaduss and Melyyn: Remember to resummon your pets
  • Opma: Believe it or not, health over mechanics!
  • Vireo: I just don’t want to leave you out, so…

Crowd Control and Kill Order

  • No traps in sand clouds or on the riding crolusk dudes, or the big guys in the first area
  • Kill the healers first: Charged Dust Devils, Faithless Tenders, and plague doctors

Galvanzz, the Jerk

  • 8 stacks is easy peasy – 12 stacks make Gurdrid panic
  • Don’t assume anyone has that beam
  • communicate stacks/which beam
  • Markers can help communication

Travel puzzles

  • First one – follow an orb where you plan to go.
  • Second one – as soon as the left/right moving orbs pass, use movement speed to weave through
  • Bridge – once someone gets to the end it’s interrupted

Orb Room

  • Cannot pass orbs over trash
  • Stun the Orb Guardians

Best Key: +5 over time, +3 in 34:13

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