Gurdrid is a paladin.  She has joined a band of heroes in assaulting Hellfire Citadel on weekly skirmishes, while keeping a fully functioning garrison running.  She has also returned to her pursuit of archaeology, focusing on the areas of Draenor while continuing to acquire Dwarven artifacts in trade for her own average finds.

Breige is a hunter. She has made her way through Draenor, and is now helping the push into Tanaan Jungle.

Saoire is a rogue. She has been sent to Draenor as a representative of Ironforge. She is still searching for sufficient dwarves to support her cause.

Sveala is a shaman. Having reached level 100, and been made a General, she is doing the responsible thing and sending other people out to do the heroing.

Aingrit is a death knight. She has made her own way through the Dark Portal and is now comfortably “Generalling”, or if you prefer, making enchants for Gurdrid, but not much else.

Sruith is a priest who has also declined becoming a General, but rather prefers to hang around in Draenor doing a bit of sewing.

Muirri is a monk. She managed to slip away when Varian tried to make her a General. She must have been meditating at the time.

Grianna is a mage who is trying to assist others, but has moved to Kalimdor to try and learn to deal with different terrain before she heads to Outland.

Kemodhne is an apprentice warrior who is just beginning to make her way out of Coldridge.

Eirid is a warlock who has just befriended an imp she has nicknamed Guppie.

Shoryl is a human paladin. She is also the writer of a blog about 10 female dwarf characters as they make their way through Azeroth.

The header for Dwarven District was created by the talented Tome of the Ancient.


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