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Quiet (not the book about Introverts)

It’s been quiet around here, not because I haven’t been playing WoW, but because I haven’t been doing much of note in the game.

I stopped raiding because our raid team’s schedule just didn’t work for me in the long run. Two late nights in a row did not add up to a happy Shoryl. Unfortunately, raiding is a thing that I really enjoy doing, (along with leveling dwarves, running old content, and… you know the drill); so I needed to figure out what I was going to do about the raiding thing.

After I got myself on the Twisted Nether Blogcast, then went to a round table again in a later episode, I started listening to a whole lot of podcasts. That led to my guest appearance on the Girls Gone WoW podcast to talk about the races of Azeroth. And next week, I’ll be sitting down to chat with Leeta at Behind the Avatar.

But all that podcast listening led me down a thoughtful path as well. The reason I moved to Whisperwind was to raid, and I needed to decide how I am going to deal with raiding in Legion. All those podcasts up there: a bunch of them have something in common: Convert to Raid, a mega-guild on Aerie Peak-US. This is not to disparage the other podcasters, but sometimes trends have their reasons.

As it turned out, there happened to be a meetup mentioned on twitter by some of those podcasters, that was going to be local to me. So I decided to trundle myself off on the Saturday after Christmas and take a moment to see if I was just being a fan-girl, or if there might be some sort of common ground.  What I found was a group of very warm and friendly people, willing to bring me into the fold. It felt a lot like my youth, when I hung out on bulletin boards (there I go, showing my age), and users would meet at restaurants for an evening of hanging out with people who got them.  This is, in fact, my tribe.

So, moving various toons to Whisperwind was a pricey endeavor. But now, I have 8 level 100 toons, as well as a mage at 90. The prospect of spending $200 to actually move my dwarves to the new server is just not good sense for me right now. So I started thinking, and have decided to use gold to buy sub time, while using that money that would have been spent on my sub to move the toons. A plan was born.

Gurdrid went first, after a re-rolled Kemodhne scoped the guild a little bit more. The downside is that Breige is going to have to change her name to Briege, and Grianna will be changing to Griana. I suppose I can’t complain that only 2 of 10 names were taken, especially when several of them were modifications of the randomizer.

I am still not absolutely certain what will happen with raiding, but the new guild has a multitude of raiding teams, and a pretty easy system for starting your own. We’ll see what happens when we get a little closer to Legion.


A Boost and a Pet

A while ago, Rho of Realm Maintenance did a little contest. To enter, you had to write an email and send it in. The subject was what you liked about Blizzcon.  My submission follows (note, there are “technical spoilers” in my replies. Nothing story related, just some of the expected game mechanics coming):

I watched Blizzcon via the Virtual Ticket, and because I had other things going on (like taking new kittens to get their booster shots), I had to pick my live panels carefully. On Friday night, I watched the Opening Ceremonies and Legion panel after the fact; and I have to say that listening to that first overview panel was a bit underwhelming. It felt like a slightly more indepth version of what we learned at Gamescom.  On the other hand, I loved looking at the art concepts because my Mom is an artist. I can only imagine artists who aspire to working at Blizzard taking that information and trying to create their art with those templates and concept pieces.
On Saturday, I watched the Legion dev panel live, and that’s where I really got excited. I’m not sure I can even list all the things that were on my list of “I love this”.  I’m an alt player, and I had already planned to try and get multiple toons all of their artifact weapons, so I was pretty stoked to learn later that they are giving all of our specs to us. That’s pretty awesome.
Then there was Transmog Closet! Not only will we get all that space back, but we’ll even get all that retro quest gear back! I’m excited to see how many things I have, since I have two toons with Lorewalking (one with pre-cataclysm Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms version, and the other with post-cataclysm achievements). I do wonder if the “everything from all quests completed” means everything or everything that class would use.
Tabards! I never started collecting tabards because I had no space, so I’m excited to get that new collection going.
New content! I always love the first time I quest through new content, and sometimes also the 2nd through 10th times. I’m excited that I can pick where I want to start, and how I want to progress through the content.
Artifact Weapons, So PRETTY! My favorite is the Prot paladin shield. It’s so gorgeous. Love the customizations across the board. I also loved the little snippets of lore about the weapons, making me start to think about how those quest lines are going to play out.”

Well, as it turns out, that was the winning submission. The prize was a digital deluxe version of Legion.

Then there was a small snafu. Legion isn’t giftable yet. But Rho, being the generous sort, bought codes to provide me with the correct sum to be able to do my upgrade myself. These, however, are only available in $20 increments, so I ended up with an extra $10. While it was a suggestion from him that I use the remainder to buy myself a Brightpaw; I thought about it, and decided that it was excellent. I hadn’t anticipated winning the extra for a pet, but it makes sense to me to pay that boon forward in some way. Since Brightpaw is the Make-A-Wish charity pet, that fit the theme quite nicely. I get a little something adorable, Make-a-Wish gets the extra donation.

Eirid and Brightpaw

Of course, with the Legion pre-purchase came a 100 boost. I’d already decided to boost Eirid, so up she went to 100, giving me 8 of my 10 girls finished up (Grianna is at 79, and Kemodhne is 35). And with the new level 100 comes the unveiling of her mog. You can come back tomorrow to see that post.

Muirri Makes Seven

Muirri reached level 100 last night, making an amusing Disney reference. While I find Monking easier than Death Knighting, it’s still far less interesting to me than other classes. Of the classes I have at max level, I like Paladin, Hunter and Priest most enjoyable.

Since Muirri is now level 100, it’s time to show off her mog.  Unlike most of the others, hers is very subdued.

Muirri-Fist Muirri-StaffMushan Hide Spaulders
Vest of the Assailant
Talador Sentinel Gauntlets
Brown Belt of Precarious Balance
Shadow-Gorged Legguards
Prideful Gladiator’s Footguards of alacrity
Keleseth’s Seducer / Staff of Restraint

Sruith’s Mog

It’s been busy couple of days for Sruith: She has dinged 100, acquired the last two pieces of her mog, and acquired a snow fox kit. I think she has had an astounding week, and now gets to relax until she has to go hunting for an artifact weapon.

The mog, you may recall, was designed by Cymre, but I had to adjust it because I didn’t acquire some pieces before they weren’t available.

Sruith-complete-mogWhitemane’s Embroidered Chapeau
Primal Mooncloth Shoulders, Robes
Mana Shaping Handwraps
Voidweave Cilice Veteran’s Silk Belt
Eternal Boots
Cataclysmic Gladiator’s Energy Staff Twisted Visage

Whoops! It’s Been Awhile

Eep. A Wrap-up Post; or maybe my thoughts on 6.2…


Things have been busy; before 6.2 dropped, when we got the information about flying, I went right out and made sure I had all the achievements. To my surprise, the only one Gurdrid was missing was Securing Draenor, which was easy to knock off as she had done all but a few of the Apexis Crystal dailies.

Grinding the reps that dropped in 6.2 has been a little more challenging. The easiest (for me) is done (Hand of the Prophet); but I’m one weekly away from completing The Saberstalkers. Order of the Awakened seems to be more challenging because I’m not so keen on chasing rares, which seems to be the best way to get the items for the Order’s dailies.   I really wish we could collect them from everything, and just turn in 10 per day. Then I could collect a bunch on weekends (or while I’m doing other stuff after I’ve turned in the quest).

Ship Yard

I really dislike the ship yard. I don’t like that I can lose ships if I don’t swap things out to guarantee the success of the mission. In particular, I dislike that I have to go hunting specific rares and things to get the items to guarantee that I don’t lose my ships.

On the other hand, I might find it less frustrating when I can either fly or have my ship table inside my garrison.


Helke is back to raiding! (Yay!). Matty hasn’t been able to raid as much (boo!).  Interestingly, last week was the first week we had a guild group for the raid, thanks to a few additions to the guild.  We’ve been doing a bit better at gelling and making progress on bosses this raid, which is nice. We stepped into heroic last week, and got our behinds handed to us. Soooo not prepared. But we’ll get there. Maybe.

Not the Paladin

Breige has been puttering around in Tanaan, partially to get her ilvl up so she can be a placeholder for the raids, but also just because.

I’ve expanded Aingrit’s method of leveling to include getting the outposts so that she can expand her garrison. Doing so got her the mine, which means more easy leveling.

Active leveling time has been going to Sruith, who is at level 96. She’ll be my first clothy to hit 100, and I’m looking forward to finishing off her mog. I’ve ended up having to adjust the one that Cymre originally designed for me, since a couple of the pieces are no longer accessible in the game.

I have an 11th dwarf now. She’s only level 2, and I made her a rogue in an attempt to deter actually trying to level her. But Fáilteoir is my official bank toon. At some point, I may decide she needs a guild bank, but for the moment, her bank is sufficient to a clerk’s task.

I’ve been amusing my guildies with the pronunciations of my toons names. Unfortunately, we don’t have much in the way of active rogues in the guild, so people who want lockboxes unlocked need to know how to spell Saoire (which is easy, unless I tell you it’s “Shurry”).



Sveala Reaches 100


Just Dinged 100, and placed an artifact in her garrison already...

I suppose the title is a big give away.  The most beautiful Dwarf Shaman (not The Most Beautiful Shaman) has made it to 100. It was one of those anti-climactic dings, too. I was going to take out Tall Buck, and arrived in the small glade he calls home. Discovering this corner of Nagrand was what it took to finish off the level.  I always find it great irony when this happens to me.

Anyway, I’ve also been working on putting together a complete set of Mogs for my ladies once they reach the leveling goal.  In each case, I’m trying to capture the essence of their class (and often spec) while still having an interesting mog that doesn’t make use of too much of a given set.

Sveala-MogFirebird’s Mantle
Warsong Wraps
Greivous Gladiators Ringmail Gauntlets
Waistband of Hexes
Sanctified Frost Witch’s Kilt
Wayfaring Boots
Longclaw Staff

For Sveala, I wanted the essence of Fire and Earth, the elements she has the most affinity with.  The shoulders also hearken to her roots, a daughter of both Ironforge and of the Highlands, she lived with her cousins and learned the ways of the shaman in the shadow of a very real orcish threat.   The gnarled staff of petrified wood is a testament to her will over rock and earth.

Of Lists, Alts and Upcoming Expansions


There are no spoilers here-in, even in Mattyland.

I’m certain everyone who has altitis does this in different ways. We know that the Godmother makes lists, while others try to keep a few key toons well geared, and play others when the mood strikes.

Personally, I find that toons languish unless they have specific goals. Goals also keep me engaged with the game. After I complete a big ones (like creating my set of 5 jeweled panthers), especially if they take the resources of several toons to accomplish, I often find my interest in the game languishes until I find a new goal to capture my attention.

Maintaining the stable is often the trickiest part, especially once they reach max level.   Lately, I have been trying to organize resources in preparation for Warlords, and focusing on Breige and Gurdrid, my two raid-possible toons.   For the first time in months, Breige Valor capped, but not until last night, so I didn’t bother to get on Gurdrid and struggle with getting valor for her, even though I know I really should have. Instead, I worked on getting my Skyshards.

I also keep a massive spreadsheet, with several tabs, titled “All Things WoW”. It has gear lists, mog lists, lists for leveling various professions (so I don’t have to refer to websites), charts of which parts of which tier sets which toons have. Lists of battle pets I don’t own and where to get them. Mount Lists. (Okay, one mount list, but you get the idea). There’s even a tab especially for the OLRG, even though it’s not filled in, for trying to organize where we go for achievements or pretty gear.

As the bucket lists start coming out, and rumors point to a late September release of Warlords, I’m beginning to feel the pressure. I’m considering my options for raiding in WoD. I can, of course, stick with Breige, but I feel like my current raiding environment would allow me to stretch my abilities a bit, and I’m seriously entertaining the idea of tanking in the next expansion. The drawback is perhaps a surprising one, though. We have two very good tanks, and they appear to love their role. Certainly I can backup tank, but then do I take Gurdrid Retribution – something I’m relatively comfortable with in the current atmosphere, or do I return to the paladin roots and go Holy. I was a pretty decent healer in Vanilla and BC, and if I remember that the toolkit is completely different, I can probably pick it back up with relative ease.

But then, there are other toons I could bring in. Sveala is already level 90, and I’ve puttered around with healing on her, so shaman healing has some interest. I’ve also been enjoying Sruith, when I take the opportunities to play her, and I’ve never even gotten a clothie to max level, much less healed as a priest.   Those are probably the most realistic healing options should I choose to go that route.

The biggest reason why these decisions are so important is that if I want to switch to Sruith, in particular, she needs to get leveled, and I need to prioritize the move of the right characters, since I can only really comfortable apply one move per month.

But then there’s the “back burner” plan to get all of my toons to max level, level their professions, and build the self-sustaining machine of several garrisons.   I’m certainly going to be plenty busy, and I think the order of things needs to be determined. I’m sure my list will seem tiringly detailed for some, but I like check marks, and so the list will happen. In spreadsheet form, because that’s the way I roll. You may see parts of my spreadsheet here from time to time. Or not. They are not generally all that pretty unless you’re inside my brain…