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Plaidelf and I were talking the other night about our garrisons, and in particular, about how the garrison buildings are very human/orc centric. Apparently, the Horde get to have at least a little bit of a feel from the other races, but since I don’t play Horde much at all, I’ll leave that discussion to her more capable hands.

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of dwarves, and so it is nice to have the dwarven bunker actually look like maybe a dwarf designed it. But there are other buildings that I am confused by. The Engineering works is run by humans, not gnomes, and while it has a few essential components of an engineer’s arsenal, there aren’t nearly enough gears attached to the building itself. I could see one of the little Gnome buildings with a contraption stuck to the top of it here. Likewise, there are no Draenei in the Gem Boutique, which I don’t think I’d call a “Boutique”. Where is my domed building with crystals floating about?

It gets a little trickier after this point associating buildings with races, but a few good picks have come to mind:

The barn should absolutely be run by Worgen. I’m good with keeping the stables in the Wildhammer clan. I would think the in would be best kept by the most friendly race, so it goes to the Pandaren – besides, they brew too. The herb garden is cultivated by a Nightelf, so maybe a little moonwell and the traditional arch at the entrance?

Gnomes should also obviously have the Gnomish Gearworks building, and the humans can keep the barracks styling.  Let’s give the Pandaren the Alchemy Lab. Beer is alchemy, right? The Enchanter’s Study can remain Human.

The Fishing Shack is actually up for a bit of debate. On the one hand, there’s Nat Pagle, who is human. But there’s also a nod to the most amazing Azerothing Angler out there, El. So we could go gnomish with that one, as well. I’ll lean toward human for now.

The Gladiator’s Sanctum I would give a Worgen feel, something more feral looking, not the Gilnean look so much.  Lumber Mill can remain human, since I think all of them out in the world are in human settlements.

Another one that needs a major overhaul is the Lunarfall Excavation. If you have the backing of all seven races, why on Azeroth wouldn’t you let the Dwarves build your mine? We build whole cities underground. Those little tunnels? Up in two hours…

I think making the Mage Tower Gilnean would be a lot of fun, and look to the other side of the Worgen coin, as well. But let’s switch the Menagerie to one of those little Draenei camp numbers.

The salvage yard is another one that could go a lot of directions, but I think it could be a lot of fun to make it all gnomish extraction device looking.  The night elves haven’t gotten much love yet, so they could certainly take on the Scribe’s quarters and tailoring emporium.

The Forge will clearly go to dwarven hands, while the Tannery could go just about anywhere. Maybe another one for a little Draenei backdrop.   Since we don’t have any goblins handy, the Trading post will stay in the hands of diplomatic humans.

And I think that covers it, besides the Town Hall, which it would be nice if we could pick it based on which faction we’re representing, but if not, Baros can keep his Keep.

For those who are curious, that’s 2 for the Pandaren and Worgen; 3 each for Gnomes, Night Elves, and Draenei; 4 for the Dwarves, and the Humans still get to keep 5. This does not include the Town Hall, which I would really like to see as something you either pick when you first set your plot, or change with your faction banners.


Dwarf planning


The next step in creating a dwarfish stronghold: Planning the buildings.

Large Buildings:

Dwarven Bunker


These go without saying. The Bunker because, well, Dwarves. The Barracks so I can have 25 followers. Also, this way I don’t have to destroy the starter barracks.

Medium Buildings:

Lunarfall Inn

Trading Post

The Inn was another duh moment. Every Dwarven anything has a pub after all. Also, only a select few dwarves come from quests. To get all of them, I need to recruit. I started thinking the lumber mill would be wise, then realized I have lots of unused resources on Gurdrid and Breige, why not use the Trading Post instead – less work that way.

Small Buildings:

Engineering Works


Salvage Yard

Putting in the Engineering Works is because Saoire is an Engineer. I chose the salvage yard for cash mostly. The Storehouse is pure convenience. Well, and it’s run by a dwarf.

Now Saoire just needs to level , get enough resources to do the appropriate upgrades, and start recruiting followers.  I’ve decided that I’m going to go ahead and use the “free” followers (the ones from quests) that she gets on her way to 100 until I run out of room for them, then they will be retired in favor of dwarves.