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My Week In WoW (November 4-11)


I’ve decided to stop raiding for what may be the rest of the expansion.  I need to get some things in my home life in order, and two nights a week staying up an hour or (usually) more past my bedtime is not working for that.  That wasn’t the only factor, but the other reasons aren’t something I’m comfortable discussing at large. I’ve spoken with a few people about it, and that’s really enough.


Timeless Isle rep is trucking right along. Not as fast as I would “like” but certainly better than not at all.


No dwarves this week.


Grianna broke 60 and headed into Outland. She’s rolled into 64 now, and is just about to embark into Nagrand.  Since she’s out of rested XP, leveling moves to Kemodne for at least a few days.


Kemodhne rolled around to 30, and headed over to Kalimdor to finish her run to 60. I didn’t burn through all of her rested XP, but decided to go run the Circuit of Disappointment instead.


I got the Blizzcon virtual ticket, and really enjoyed the WoW panels, costume contest (though I tuned in just in time to see the announcement of the winners), and watched a few Hearthstone games, both exhibition and championship play.  Murkidan is so adorable!   I have lots of thoughts about what we saw regarding Legion, but I’m going to hang onto those for another post.


My Week In WoW (October 28 – November 3)


Raiding was pretty similar to last week. No new kills. I did pick up my best-in-slot axe from Kazuun, which was a nice addition to my gear.  Also, as mentioned the other day, we acquired a gorgeous mount.  That made up for the lack of a mount from a certain horseman who has no head.

I also acquired the new pets and toys from the Hallow’s End event, so I am once again caught up on that stuff.


Now that bone collecting is complete, I’m working on Timeless Isle rep for that mount. I just go do the dailies by killing various fiery guys instead of the animals. I do grab rares when I can, but they go down so fast now, that that is near impossible if anyone else sees them first.  I did get the Everlasting Kiln toy while killing elites, so that was nice.

The circuit of disappointment – currently Zul’Gurub for both mounts, Karazahn for the infamous reins no one seems to ever get, and Stonecore – yielded nothing this week.


For the second week in a row, a dwarf showed up at the garrison to join the cause. Meet Alasdair Whitepeak

Alasdair Whitepeak

My Week In WoW (October 20-27)

And of course, having said I hoped to get back in to play a bit of WoW… my shoulder starts to bother me (don’t worry, it’s feeling somewhat better now.)


Made it through Socrethar this week, but we had to call it early on Thursday because we only had 10 people and my shoulder started to bother me.


Bone-White Raptor

Bone collecting complete!  Now to decide whether I want to level Grianna, work on getting my last two shards to get the dragon mount from the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, or go back to the Timeless Ilse.  I really ought to get back to leveling, which is probably part of why I’m resisting the project.


Meet Nance Doubleblade, who brings our Dwarven follower total to 18! 7 to go, and we’ll have a full complement of dwarves.



I’ll be making another podcast appearance at the end of November on Girls Gone WoW. They don’t do their shows live, but I’d love for you to weigh in on your thoughts regarding the races of Azeroth, which will be our topic. During the week prior to our recording session,  you can Tweet them (or me, I’ll pass tweets along), send them email, or leave them voicemail (though I have yet to figure out how that part works.)  I’ll provide more specific details when I hear more on that part of the show stuff.

My Week In WoW (October 12-19)

Not a lot of WoW happened this week, but hopefully there will be more in the near future.


We slid back on raiding, getting stuck on Xuhl’horac this past week.


We’ve acquired all three raptors from eggs on the Isle of Giants, and are sitting a bit shy of 3,000 bones.

I didn’t get around to the circuit of disappointment, so there’s no news on that front. I think that since I don’t need to go to Zul’Aman, I may start heading out to Tempest Keep to continue trying for Ashes of A’lar.


Another week with disappointing recruiting options.



My Week In WoW (October 5-11)


We got three first kills this week: Xhul’horac, Socrethar  and Tyrant Velhari. We only had time for a couple of pulls on Mannoroth, but clearly the nerfs helped us out quite a bit. (Though there is a lot of talk that those three are not difficult bosses once everyone understands the mechanics)  No loot for me this week, but we only DE’d a few items (mostly when we went back to the beginning of the raid), and I think a few two-piece and four-piece bonuses were completed in the raid. That always helps.

I also finished the Draenor Angler achievement, and so have Nat Pagle in my garrison.


I took a trip to Zul’Aman to get the guaranteed drop of the War Bear. Otherwise, the circuit of disappointment was, well, disappointing.   After that I headed off to the Isle of Giants to feel badass and farm some bones. After collecting around 1000, I got a primal egg, which dropped the Reins of the Black Primal Raptor.  My method going forward will be to collect bones until I get an egg, then wait to see what I get from the egg.  Her second trip to the Isle of Giants netted around 1200 bones before getting the egg.

I also spent some time looking for more Skyshards. It’s a pretty fast grind, but a few people were out doing it. I’m going to start taking Potions of Luck along, just for the extra funds.

I’m working on using up all the Garrison Resources my various alts collect. I send out followers on missions that net gold, items for sale or resources (or in some cases, follower gear tokens) and then purchase Smuggled Sack of Gold until they’re back down around 500 resources. The average per sack is 25g, so it can turn a nice profit every few days if you’re good about picking up your resources. Note that this is purchased at the Trading Post, so you may need to build one of those.  If this continues to work in Legion, all of my alts will wait in their Garrisons creating cash until it’s their time to go back to Azeroth.


No new dwarves showed up for recruitment this week.


Collection of mats will probably start in earnest next week, but some of the Pandaria ones were acquired by Breige while hunting Skyshards.


My Week In WoW (September 28-October 4)


While we had intended to start with Shadow-Lord Iskar now that we can get past the first two wings, that didn’t happen this week due to some temporary changes in the roster in the early part of the evening. However, a friend’s raid didn’t get to run, so a few of them brought their better geared toons. We got started an hour late, and had a normal DPSer tanking; so we started at the beginning. With our ringers, we one-shot everything through Gorefiend, and even got Ariok as a follower.  Iskar took two tries, but we made a significant tweak to the timing of using our legendary rings, and he went down so smoothly on that second attempt that I suspect that’s our new strategy.  Gurdrid picked up a new neck (just a socket upgrade) from master loot, and a new cloak on a bonus roll.

Gurdrid’s also completed three of the fishing achievements towards obtaining the level three fishing shack.


I didn’t get around to the circuit of disappointment this week for various reasons, so no new pets or mounts to report.




Fern Greenfoot has joined Saoire’s Garrison team!

That puts her at 17 dwarves.

Only 8 to go to have her full company.



This week starts the procuring of her mog. That means Gurdrid needs to get out and collect ore in Pandaria and Cataclysm, and pick up some Chaos Orbs. Aingrit, for her part, needs to figure out how to get a Krud the Eviscerator kill in; as well as start doing Heroic ICC. The boots actually seem like they will be the hard part, as I need Haunted Spirits, which come from a Pandaria raid tier. Perhaps I’ll be able to buy them, but I’m not holding my breath. That means this mog may be looking for a new easier-to-acquire pair of boots.


Muirri made it to 100, making seven dwarves at max level. Once she ran out of rested XP, I went and did some bonus objectives, as the rewards are pretty substantial for completing those. I’m just really bored with Draenor questing right now, so I’m actually kind of glad that my next toon up is still under level 60. It’ll be a bit before I’m doing Draenor questing.


Grianna dinged 59 in Un’Goro Crater. She still has some quests to do, but I expect to finish things up in Silithis next week.

Kemodhne and Eirid

Continue to wait in the wings. Grianna still has over 100% of a level in rested XP, so it’s going to be a bit before Kemodhne starts to move along.


There are conversations in the works for me to appear on Girls Gone WoW in late November or December. You’ll see the details here first.


My Week In WoW (September 21-27)

I’ve started listening to a fair number of podcasts at work, which has shoddy cell service. A popular kickoff is what you did in game the previous week; and I thought that might help me actually get on track to posting more regularly here.  So, without further ado:


Gurdrid isn’t doing a whole lot right now. Raiding goes well. For the second week in a row we got to Xhul’horac (We do Iskar, then Zakuun). We also got to Xhul’horac a bit faster this week, with about an hour or so to work on it.  I consider that a pretty solid 8/13.  We’ve also pretty much all completed the quest Well of Souls for everyone, so we’re starting up top while we’re fresh instead of only working on stuff at the end of the second night.

I’ll admit I really hope we don’t start trying to do heroics at this point. We kept starting to do heroic in the previous tiers this expansion, and we never got a chance to finish either raid. I don’t think the time we spend doing the heroic content gives us enough better gear to be worth the time, since we can usually only get a boss or two down, and rarely get even those bosses on farm. Our team relies too heavily on our awesome healers to be successful in content that one screw up can wipe the raid.


Breige has been designated to do my circuit of disappointment (also known as mount hunting). This week, we went to ZG, Stonecore, Kara, Throne of Four Winds, Utgarde Pinnacle and Vortex Pinnacle. Not one mount dropped; though she did add one token to her collection of tier items. To make my list a little bit shorter, I’ve broken them down by continent, and will be starting with Eastern Kingdoms in the future; meaning this week I hope to hit up Zul’Gurub, Stonecore, Zul’Aman and Karazhan.


No dwarves showed up this week. She’s sitting at 16 dwarves, but they seem to be a bit thin these days.


Yes, Aingrit. She’s level 100 now, which means the unveiling of her mog. That will be another post, so swing by tomorrow!

I finished her off questing (in Shadowmoon Valley), after finding most of the treasures in all the zones except Tanaan. Thanks flying! I still dislike playing DK. I think the different kinds of runes are unnecessarily complicated.


Muirri ran out of rested XP at level 98, so that’s where she’ll sit this week. I went through a bit of a slump in playing this weekend because I was bored with all of my questing toons. To break the monotony, Muirri took to the air and went after treasures. She’s found all of them in Shadowmoon Valley, and most of them in Gorgrond.


Grianna is level 58. I took her to Kalimdor, because I’m bored with the path dwarves take through Eastern Kingdoms; and she picked up nearly two levels in Un’Goro crater.  I need to decide if I want to upgrade any of her non-experience-giving heirlooms any more, because it’s going to matter soonish.

Kemodhne and Eirid

They’re still patiently waiting in the wings for their time in the lime-light. I suspect that Eirid is going to be my 100 boost prior to Legion; and I plan to move Kemodhne to Darkshore and quest through Kalimdor for a change of pace. Kemodhne will probably see some serious play time once I’ve finished Muirri off, and when Grianna is done with her rested XP each week.


New Paladin Mog

Gurdrid will be working on getting a new mog. All her previous ones have been assuming she would be protection, and therefore using a 1-hander/shield combo. I did find good weapons to go with two of her old mogs, but then I got this axe from salvage, and knew I had to do something with it.

No question she's a Paladin

No question she’s a Paladin

Glass Lake Headcover (sadly, a quest item, so I can’t actually use it)

Pauldrons of the Cavalier

Reinforced Sapphirium Breastplate (Heroic)

Justicar Gloves

Girdle of Truth

Legguards of the Emerald Brood (Heroic)

Sapphiron’s Scale Boots

Permafrost Cape (not shown)

Glorious War-Axe

To be completely honest, I think this is one of the best mogs I’ve done yet. Though I am still quite proud of my flagbearer from the Mogolympics.

Upon returning to that old post, I realized I had designed it to also use a gun, so Breige might actually get to wear that mog someday after all!


Interesting Firsts

This expansion is very interesting. Lots of bloggers are too busy playing the game to write about the game, which says a whole lot. I’m one of the many in this position.  Part of the reason for me is because this is the first time I have ever gone into an expansion knowing I was going to be raiding as soon as I could get my gear. And my very kind guild leader let me in the first week even though my item level was low. 

It was… interesting. We were able to get Kargath and the Butcher down in our first week, and that’s as far as we’ve progressed. We’re getting close on Tectus – our best attempt so far got us to killing one or two of the smallest adds.  I think we’ll do better this week when we start opening up to Open Raid, and also since several people now have gear either from the first two weeks of two boss kills, or from LFR this past week. We switch to Master Looting for our OR runs, and I’ll be continuing to do that job.

It’s also an interesting first for me in that I am an officer, but not the guild leader. I’m enjoying that; and I’ve been asked to start doing achievement runs in older content. In preparation, I’m going to figure out what all the achievements are, and then probably start with Cataclysm raids. I’ll be running them every other weekend – likely Sunday evening, after the new year.   If you’re interested in joining us, hit me up on my battletag (Shoryl#1300).  After the first few, I will probably start putting them on Open Raid as well. My username there is Breige – feel free to add me as a friend there.

I’m back to playing Gurdrid as my main, but Breige may well be my go-to character for the achievement hunting, especially during the Mists encounters where ranged DPS is much better than melee.  

Hopefully I will post more frequently as we are able to do some achievements. And, just like the OLRG, I will not tolerate elitism in my raids. If we have to attempt Only the Penitent  a hundred times before we get the right synergy, then we will do that, and we will do that with friends.

Mounts, Mogs, and Months Past

Not necessarily in that order.

I got a whole 7 days or so of September’s screenshot a day thing done. I’m not even going to attempt October or November because, well, wedding. According to Matty, it will be our 155,098th wedding.  Really, it’s more the celebration of our wedding in August of 2013.  I’m not going to try and catch up, but I will probably try to do future months, when the spirit moves me.

In the meantime, though, Breige joined a heroic team on their weekly Garrosh farm kill earlier this month, and acquired the title and the pony wolf.

Giving her the pick of the Kor'kron mounts was a nice gesture of Vol'jin.

Giving her the pick of the Kor’kron mounts was a nice gesture of Vol’jin.

And of course, there is the mog. Saoire is now completely ready for Warlords, even if she might be unprepared. She looks awesome, and has been causing trouble around Ironforge. She might have to slip back to Stormwind unnoticed one of these days…

Saoire tells an Ironforge Guard off.

Saoire tells an Ironforge Guard off.

This mog is comprised of several quest items and a few dungeon drops. It could have been put together as early as level 60, but I ended up waiting until 90 anyway.  The shoulders and boots were the start of the outfit, but the gloves were just so perfect I couldn’t help myself.   I’m also particularly happy with the similar but different daggers.

BTW, I’m noticing I have a thing for red.  At least Gurdrid’s current prot mog is green.

Gurdrid’s Ret Mog, with the Prot Mace/shield