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Garrison Upgrade

Level 3 Garrison

On Friday, Saoire made her way to Spires of Arak, and since she’s a dwarf, she naturally chose the brewery as her building of choice. Not so coincidentally, this building gives you Hulda Shadowblade. They bonded over hunting down an Iron Horde assassin, and Hulda immediately set to work as Saoire’s primary covert ops dwarf. (Since it appears Sully is not available as a follower).

When Saoire moved on to Nagrand, she put in the Rangari Corral, even though the Seigeworks looks a little cooler. Neither grants access to a dwarf follower, so a stealth talbuk sounded much more fun.

Saoire reached level 100 shortly thereafter. Since she was carefully squirreling away not using up all her resources, she was immediately able to upgrade the garrison and place her last three buildings (Dwarven Bunker, Trading Post and Salvage Yard). Unfortunately, that didn’t leave any funds for actually upgrading anything else, but as soon as she can, the barracks will be upgraded to level 3 so that she can start having  properly outfitted guards.  After that, the mine and the engineering works, and then other buildings. She’s also unlocked her Menagerie, primarily for the weekly quest to speedily upgrade some pets (and the daily, when I can do it. But I’m a crappy pet battler, so we’ll see how that goes)

I think that’s 5 dwarves working out of the garrison now, and it led me to considering a conundrum I am soon going to face: Periodically (well, probably more than periodically) she’s not going to get a dwarf in her recruiting. While she could choose to not recruit anyone, that does leave all those followers in the queue of potential options. To make finding her Dwarves faster, it rather behooves her to recruit non-Dwarves. So now, my order of preference is going to be: Are you a Dwarf? If not, do you particularly like hanging out with Dwarves? If not, I’ll consider putting up with you.

Similarly, since I’m about to embark on the massive collecting of gearing stuff for followers, guess who gets the gear?  (Ok, if you can’t guess, you need to go read that last paragraph.)


2 for 2 from the Inn

Domnall Icecrag

Apparently the Innkeeper has learned about dwarves and our penchant for Ale.  This week, Saoire picked up Domnall Icecrag, a swarthy dwarf with an awful lot of very tidy beard.

Inn Level 2, Threepints for Saoire

Brogan Threepints

Saoire got to level 96 today, and along with that came upgrades to all of her buildings that weren’t already there, which was everything but the garrison itself and the mine.   The level 2 Inn provides the ability to acquire followers – which we’ve been looking forward to for some time.

Truth be told, there are a ton of abilities her 11 other followers hadn’t covered, and even more not covered by a dwarf, so I didn’t really “pick” an ability to look for her first follower.  But, among the three options was Brogan here.   Mister Threepints will clearly need some new duds. Those patches don’t belong in Saoire’s garrison, but they ‘ve had a pint together to discuss his position and her expectations.

Moving on to Gorgrond

Saoire is now level 92, and is ready to head to Gorgrond. Of course, the most important thing as I build outposts is knowing which followers I will get based on my choices. In this case, my options are the Lumber Mill or the Sparring Arena. The arena questline leads to acquiring Pitfighter VaanDaam, who is a badass looking Draenei. The mill, however, leads to Glirin, a woodchopping Dwarf. So, of course, Saoire will be selecting the Lumber Mill for her outpost building.

She has also upgraded her Garrison to level 2, and added the Storehouse and Inn. Upgrades of other buildings will happen in short order, and it’s becoming apparently that she needs to hurry up and finish her rep with Ironforge.   I had not realized that I’d previously only been working on reps to get to revered for the cheap 16-slot bags.