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My Week In WoW (October 20-27)

And of course, having said I hoped to get back in to play a bit of WoW… my shoulder starts to bother me (don’t worry, it’s feeling somewhat better now.)


Made it through Socrethar this week, but we had to call it early on Thursday because we only had 10 people and my shoulder started to bother me.


Bone-White Raptor

Bone collecting complete!  Now to decide whether I want to level Grianna, work on getting my last two shards to get the dragon mount from the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, or go back to the Timeless Ilse.  I really ought to get back to leveling, which is probably part of why I’m resisting the project.


Meet Nance Doubleblade, who brings our Dwarven follower total to 18! 7 to go, and we’ll have a full complement of dwarves.



I’ll be making another podcast appearance at the end of November on Girls Gone WoW. They don’t do their shows live, but I’d love for you to weigh in on your thoughts regarding the races of Azeroth, which will be our topic. During the week prior to our recording session,  you can Tweet them (or me, I’ll pass tweets along), send them email, or leave them voicemail (though I have yet to figure out how that part works.)  I’ll provide more specific details when I hear more on that part of the show stuff.