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Mounts, Mogs, and Months Past

Not necessarily in that order.

I got a whole 7 days or so of September’s screenshot a day thing done. I’m not even going to attempt October or November because, well, wedding. According to Matty, it will be our 155,098th wedding.  Really, it’s more the celebration of our wedding in August of 2013.  I’m not going to try and catch up, but I will probably try to do future months, when the spirit moves me.

In the meantime, though, Breige joined a heroic team on their weekly Garrosh farm kill earlier this month, and acquired the title and the pony wolf.

Giving her the pick of the Kor'kron mounts was a nice gesture of Vol'jin.

Giving her the pick of the Kor’kron mounts was a nice gesture of Vol’jin.

And of course, there is the mog. Saoire is now completely ready for Warlords, even if she might be unprepared. She looks awesome, and has been causing trouble around Ironforge. She might have to slip back to Stormwind unnoticed one of these days…

Saoire tells an Ironforge Guard off.

Saoire tells an Ironforge Guard off.

This mog is comprised of several quest items and a few dungeon drops. It could have been put together as early as level 60, but I ended up waiting until 90 anyway.  The shoulders and boots were the start of the outfit, but the gloves were just so perfect I couldn’t help myself.   I’m also particularly happy with the similar but different daggers.

BTW, I’m noticing I have a thing for red.  At least Gurdrid’s current prot mog is green.

Gurdrid’s Ret Mog, with the Prot Mace/shield




Clan of Three Hammers: Stubborn

This is the fifth part of the series. HeroHonorLoyal and Tradition are the previous installments.

Stubborn. If there’s one thing everyone believes about dwarves, it’s that we are stubborn to a fault. Stubbornness, however, is borne from our other, more tasteful traits – Loyalty, honor, tradition.

Being stubborn is about following through. Getting it done. Being there through thick and thin. Facing hardship head on. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose, but rarely will a dwarf not try. I know stubbornness is what brought about Moira’s rise to power, and also what keeps the Council both working and at odds with one another.

I spend the majority of my time out and about in the Dwarven realms, doing what I can to help others tough it out and make it through these trying times. When I am in Ironforge or Stormwind, I hear of the other kind of stubbornness. That born of arrogance and greed. The kind that makes you selfish.

As I watch the Horde turn on their leader, I can’t help but think back to the Cataclysm, and Moira’s return to Ironforge. Both struggles were born of stubbornness, yet the outcome is vastly different . Moira learned from her mistakes. Garrosh refuses to admit he makes any.