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Sruith’s Mog

It’s been busy couple of days for Sruith: She has dinged 100, acquired the last two pieces of her mog, and acquired a snow fox kit. I think she has had an astounding week, and now gets to relax until she has to go hunting for an artifact weapon.

The mog, you may recall, was designed by Cymre, but I had to adjust it because I didn’t acquire some pieces before they weren’t available.

Sruith-complete-mogWhitemane’s Embroidered Chapeau
Primal Mooncloth Shoulders, Robes
Mana Shaping Handwraps
Voidweave Cilice Veteran’s Silk Belt
Eternal Boots
Cataclysmic Gladiator’s Energy Staff Twisted Visage


Level 3 Barracks unlocked

In Saoire’s master plan to represent Ironforge in Draenor, the level 3 Barracks must be unlocked. To do so, one must complete the achievement Patrolling Draenor. That was completed this weekend, even though Saoire is still only level 94, and therefore unable to upgrade her garrison, much less the barracks, to level 3. Conveniently, the achievement is account wide, and so Gurdrid now has a level 3 barracks, and will soon have 25 followers active.

In other news, Aingrit has made her way to the new continent, and I plan to take her just far enough to build her two profession buildings – Jewelcrafting and Enchanting, so that I can reap those benefits for her.  Aingrit’s leveling will be limited to what she can get from missions, opening her outposts, and mining and herbing until Saoire is level 100. Aingrit does at least have Hellscream’s Decapitator, which will speed things up immensely. Sveala is waiting her turn as well, but I’m not quite ready to bring another toon I don’t play well through the portal.

I’ve kitted out the lower level toons with at least 1-60 heirlooms – since most of them aren’t level 60 yet, I figure they can help pay for their own gear upgrades. Muirri and Sruith still need to make the move from Ysera to Whisperwind as well, and will likely do so in the early summer.

Screen Shot a Day: Sept 1

I decided to try and do this little thing that Tycertank provides for us, as I’ve always found various other bloggers takes on the phrase of the day quite interesting. I will, of course, be putting a thoroughly Dwarvish spin on this.

Without further ado, I give you In My Cup


A dwarf is always most comfortable at home, and for Breige, home will always be the the Golden Keg in Stormwind’s Dwarven District.   As you can see, she’s waiting for Gurdrid and Saoire, and hoping you might stop by as well.

Clan of Three Hammers: Pragmatic

This is the ninth part of the series. HeroHonorLoyal , Tradition, Stubborn, Explorer, Brave and Stoic are the previous installments.

Pragmatic. We are taught from the time we are wee lads and lasses that the Light is hope. That it is a beacon of goodness. I never bothered much with the Light as a child, more interested in the pursuit of things I could see, feel, taste, and hear. The Light was too ephemeral.

Then I met the Prince of Stormwind, and somehow the Light emanated from him. His quiet manner matched my own, but where he is bright, I am dark. Black hair to his blonde. Bronzed skin to his pale complection. My sudden interest in the Light was not missed by the priests in Ironforge, and they tried in vain to convert me to the priesthood. It wasn’t until I heard a story in one of the Inns that I found my calling. It was a story of how Anduin had used his belief in the Light in a way I had never heard of. It had been a small trick, but the young priest whispered of the Shadow of the Light, and how even the brightest souls could use it when necessary.

I joined the priesthood, learned the skills of discipline and the holy gifts of the light, but I was not happy. When asked why, I realized the Light is not pragmatic. The Shadow, that is practical, and a means to an end if conducted with the disciplines the Light teaches us. In that moment, I learned to walk in the Shadow, and embrace its power.

I eagerly work toward the opportunity to go to this distant land I have heard of, adventure awaits me, and I will meet it practically, with the Light and its Shadow at my disposal. And the brash ways of Garrosh Hellscream will be brought to an end.

Of Lists, Alts and Upcoming Expansions


There are no spoilers here-in, even in Mattyland.

I’m certain everyone who has altitis does this in different ways. We know that the Godmother makes lists, while others try to keep a few key toons well geared, and play others when the mood strikes.

Personally, I find that toons languish unless they have specific goals. Goals also keep me engaged with the game. After I complete a big ones (like creating my set of 5 jeweled panthers), especially if they take the resources of several toons to accomplish, I often find my interest in the game languishes until I find a new goal to capture my attention.

Maintaining the stable is often the trickiest part, especially once they reach max level.   Lately, I have been trying to organize resources in preparation for Warlords, and focusing on Breige and Gurdrid, my two raid-possible toons.   For the first time in months, Breige Valor capped, but not until last night, so I didn’t bother to get on Gurdrid and struggle with getting valor for her, even though I know I really should have. Instead, I worked on getting my Skyshards.

I also keep a massive spreadsheet, with several tabs, titled “All Things WoW”. It has gear lists, mog lists, lists for leveling various professions (so I don’t have to refer to websites), charts of which parts of which tier sets which toons have. Lists of battle pets I don’t own and where to get them. Mount Lists. (Okay, one mount list, but you get the idea). There’s even a tab especially for the OLRG, even though it’s not filled in, for trying to organize where we go for achievements or pretty gear.

As the bucket lists start coming out, and rumors point to a late September release of Warlords, I’m beginning to feel the pressure. I’m considering my options for raiding in WoD. I can, of course, stick with Breige, but I feel like my current raiding environment would allow me to stretch my abilities a bit, and I’m seriously entertaining the idea of tanking in the next expansion. The drawback is perhaps a surprising one, though. We have two very good tanks, and they appear to love their role. Certainly I can backup tank, but then do I take Gurdrid Retribution – something I’m relatively comfortable with in the current atmosphere, or do I return to the paladin roots and go Holy. I was a pretty decent healer in Vanilla and BC, and if I remember that the toolkit is completely different, I can probably pick it back up with relative ease.

But then, there are other toons I could bring in. Sveala is already level 90, and I’ve puttered around with healing on her, so shaman healing has some interest. I’ve also been enjoying Sruith, when I take the opportunities to play her, and I’ve never even gotten a clothie to max level, much less healed as a priest.   Those are probably the most realistic healing options should I choose to go that route.

The biggest reason why these decisions are so important is that if I want to switch to Sruith, in particular, she needs to get leveled, and I need to prioritize the move of the right characters, since I can only really comfortable apply one move per month.

But then there’s the “back burner” plan to get all of my toons to max level, level their professions, and build the self-sustaining machine of several garrisons.   I’m certainly going to be plenty busy, and I think the order of things needs to be determined. I’m sure my list will seem tiringly detailed for some, but I like check marks, and so the list will happen. In spreadsheet form, because that’s the way I roll. You may see parts of my spreadsheet here from time to time. Or not. They are not generally all that pretty unless you’re inside my brain…