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Moving on to Gorgrond

Saoire is now level 92, and is ready to head to Gorgrond. Of course, the most important thing as I build outposts is knowing which followers I will get based on my choices. In this case, my options are the Lumber Mill or the Sparring Arena. The arena questline leads to acquiring Pitfighter VaanDaam, who is a badass looking Draenei. The mill, however, leads to Glirin, a woodchopping Dwarf. So, of course, Saoire will be selecting the Lumber Mill for her outpost building.

She has also upgraded her Garrison to level 2, and added the Storehouse and Inn. Upgrades of other buildings will happen in short order, and it’s becoming apparently that she needs to hurry up and finish her rep with Ironforge.   I had not realized that I’d previously only been working on reps to get to revered for the cheap 16-slot bags.