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Clan of Three Hammers: Brave

This is the seventh part of the series. HeroHonorLoyal , Tradition, Stubborn and Explorer are the previous installments.

Brave. Standing up for what you believe in. Standing up for those who cannot stand up for themselves. Drawing attention to yourself so that others can cast their spells, aim and fire, stab from behind. Displaying a banner of courage for all to see – friend or foe. These are brave acts.

Bravery is not just displayed on the battlefield, though. Bravery can be saving another at great risk to yourself. It can be standing up to someone you disagree with. It can be venturing beyond the walls of Ironforge. It can be quiet. It can have nothing to do with combat. It can be personal.

I spend my time acting brave, but sometimes it really is an act. The act, however, makes the fact when it allows you to follow through. As I grow stronger, as my presence as a warrior grows, it becomes easier. Perhaps one day I will truly be brave.

I hear rumors of the orcs, who value bravery above almost all else, and I hear of their leader, cowering inside of his city, his own people turned against him. Power became more important than bravery. He clearly never understood quiet bravery.