Monthly Archives: December 2014

Interesting Firsts

This expansion is very interesting. Lots of bloggers are too busy playing the game to write about the game, which says a whole lot. I’m one of the many in this position.  Part of the reason for me is because this is the first time I have ever gone into an expansion knowing I was going to be raiding as soon as I could get my gear. And my very kind guild leader let me in the first week even though my item level was low. 

It was… interesting. We were able to get Kargath and the Butcher down in our first week, and that’s as far as we’ve progressed. We’re getting close on Tectus – our best attempt so far got us to killing one or two of the smallest adds.  I think we’ll do better this week when we start opening up to Open Raid, and also since several people now have gear either from the first two weeks of two boss kills, or from LFR this past week. We switch to Master Looting for our OR runs, and I’ll be continuing to do that job.

It’s also an interesting first for me in that I am an officer, but not the guild leader. I’m enjoying that; and I’ve been asked to start doing achievement runs in older content. In preparation, I’m going to figure out what all the achievements are, and then probably start with Cataclysm raids. I’ll be running them every other weekend – likely Sunday evening, after the new year.   If you’re interested in joining us, hit me up on my battletag (Shoryl#1300).  After the first few, I will probably start putting them on Open Raid as well. My username there is Breige – feel free to add me as a friend there.

I’m back to playing Gurdrid as my main, but Breige may well be my go-to character for the achievement hunting, especially during the Mists encounters where ranged DPS is much better than melee.  

Hopefully I will post more frequently as we are able to do some achievements. And, just like the OLRG, I will not tolerate elitism in my raids. If we have to attempt Only the Penitent  a hundred times before we get the right synergy, then we will do that, and we will do that with friends.