Quiet (not the book about Introverts)

It’s been quiet around here, not because I haven’t been playing WoW, but because I haven’t been doing much of note in the game.

I stopped raiding because our raid team’s schedule just didn’t work for me in the long run. Two late nights in a row did not add up to a happy Shoryl. Unfortunately, raiding is a thing that I really enjoy doing, (along with leveling dwarves, running old content, and… you know the drill); so I needed to figure out what I was going to do about the raiding thing.

After I got myself on the Twisted Nether Blogcast, then went to a round table again in a later episode, I started listening to a whole lot of podcasts. That led to my guest appearance on the Girls Gone WoW podcast to talk about the races of Azeroth. And next week, I’ll be sitting down to chat with Leeta at Behind the Avatar.

But all that podcast listening led me down a thoughtful path as well. The reason I moved to Whisperwind was to raid, and I needed to decide how I am going to deal with raiding in Legion. All those podcasts up there: a bunch of them have something in common: Convert to Raid, a mega-guild on Aerie Peak-US. This is not to disparage the other podcasters, but sometimes trends have their reasons.

As it turned out, there happened to be a meetup mentioned on twitter by some of those podcasters, that was going to be local to me. So I decided to trundle myself off on the Saturday after Christmas and take a moment to see if I was just being a fan-girl, or if there might be some sort of common ground.  What I found was a group of very warm and friendly people, willing to bring me into the fold. It felt a lot like my youth, when I hung out on bulletin boards (there I go, showing my age), and users would meet at restaurants for an evening of hanging out with people who got them.  This is, in fact, my tribe.

So, moving various toons to Whisperwind was a pricey endeavor. But now, I have 8 level 100 toons, as well as a mage at 90. The prospect of spending $200 to actually move my dwarves to the new server is just not good sense for me right now. So I started thinking, and have decided to use gold to buy sub time, while using that money that would have been spent on my sub to move the toons. A plan was born.

Gurdrid went first, after a re-rolled Kemodhne scoped the guild a little bit more. The downside is that Breige is going to have to change her name to Briege, and Grianna will be changing to Griana. I suppose I can’t complain that only 2 of 10 names were taken, especially when several of them were modifications of the randomizer.

I am still not absolutely certain what will happen with raiding, but the new guild has a multitude of raiding teams, and a pretty easy system for starting your own. We’ll see what happens when we get a little closer to Legion.


Eirid, in Proper Warlock Attire

I don’t know what the deal is with putting warlocks in skull/bone motifs, but I think only affliction warlocks really seem that type. Instead, I put some pieces from various sets together. I think she comes across as “misunderstood” pretty well.

Eirid-MogShadowmoon Cowl

Hatefury Mantle

Nemesis Robes

Handguards of Defiled Worlds

Invoker’s Belt of Final Winter

Ikeyen’s Boots

Spire of Defiance

Legion is Coming

Disclaimer: I am not going to talk about specifics. The only thing I’m going to say about the trailer is: Amazing! What I am going to talk about is my feel for what we learned at Blizzcon.  If you don’t want this kind of spoilers, then move on to the next post or blog, this one is not for you.

Spoiler Free Version: Lots of things look amazing. There are several significant quality of life improvements. There are several good ways to feel social again. It really looks like the devs took a lot of time and thought through the mistakes of past expansions, trying to take the good of these things and center the game on the character again.  I even think this expansion will be more alt-friendly than WoD.

On to the Juicy Details

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A Boost and a Pet

A while ago, Rho of Realm Maintenance did a little contest. To enter, you had to write an email and send it in. The subject was what you liked about Blizzcon.  My submission follows (note, there are “technical spoilers” in my replies. Nothing story related, just some of the expected game mechanics coming):

I watched Blizzcon via the Virtual Ticket, and because I had other things going on (like taking new kittens to get their booster shots), I had to pick my live panels carefully. On Friday night, I watched the Opening Ceremonies and Legion panel after the fact; and I have to say that listening to that first overview panel was a bit underwhelming. It felt like a slightly more indepth version of what we learned at Gamescom.  On the other hand, I loved looking at the art concepts because my Mom is an artist. I can only imagine artists who aspire to working at Blizzard taking that information and trying to create their art with those templates and concept pieces.
On Saturday, I watched the Legion dev panel live, and that’s where I really got excited. I’m not sure I can even list all the things that were on my list of “I love this”.  I’m an alt player, and I had already planned to try and get multiple toons all of their artifact weapons, so I was pretty stoked to learn later that they are giving all of our specs to us. That’s pretty awesome.
Then there was Transmog Closet! Not only will we get all that space back, but we’ll even get all that retro quest gear back! I’m excited to see how many things I have, since I have two toons with Lorewalking (one with pre-cataclysm Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms version, and the other with post-cataclysm achievements). I do wonder if the “everything from all quests completed” means everything or everything that class would use.
Tabards! I never started collecting tabards because I had no space, so I’m excited to get that new collection going.
New content! I always love the first time I quest through new content, and sometimes also the 2nd through 10th times. I’m excited that I can pick where I want to start, and how I want to progress through the content.
Artifact Weapons, So PRETTY! My favorite is the Prot paladin shield. It’s so gorgeous. Love the customizations across the board. I also loved the little snippets of lore about the weapons, making me start to think about how those quest lines are going to play out.”

Well, as it turns out, that was the winning submission. The prize was a digital deluxe version of Legion.

Then there was a small snafu. Legion isn’t giftable yet. But Rho, being the generous sort, bought Battle.net codes to provide me with the correct sum to be able to do my upgrade myself. These, however, are only available in $20 increments, so I ended up with an extra $10. While it was a suggestion from him that I use the remainder to buy myself a Brightpaw; I thought about it, and decided that it was excellent. I hadn’t anticipated winning the extra for a pet, but it makes sense to me to pay that boon forward in some way. Since Brightpaw is the Make-A-Wish charity pet, that fit the theme quite nicely. I get a little something adorable, Make-a-Wish gets the extra donation.

Eirid and Brightpaw

Of course, with the Legion pre-purchase came a 100 boost. I’d already decided to boost Eirid, so up she went to 100, giving me 8 of my 10 girls finished up (Grianna is at 79, and Kemodhne is 35). And with the new level 100 comes the unveiling of her mog. You can come back tomorrow to see that post.

My Week In WoW (November 4-11)


I’ve decided to stop raiding for what may be the rest of the expansion.  I need to get some things in my home life in order, and two nights a week staying up an hour or (usually) more past my bedtime is not working for that.  That wasn’t the only factor, but the other reasons aren’t something I’m comfortable discussing at large. I’ve spoken with a few people about it, and that’s really enough.


Timeless Isle rep is trucking right along. Not as fast as I would “like” but certainly better than not at all.


No dwarves this week.


Grianna broke 60 and headed into Outland. She’s rolled into 64 now, and is just about to embark into Nagrand.  Since she’s out of rested XP, leveling moves to Kemodne for at least a few days.


Kemodhne rolled around to 30, and headed over to Kalimdor to finish her run to 60. I didn’t burn through all of her rested XP, but decided to go run the Circuit of Disappointment instead.


I got the Blizzcon virtual ticket, and really enjoyed the WoW panels, costume contest (though I tuned in just in time to see the announcement of the winners), and watched a few Hearthstone games, both exhibition and championship play.  Murkidan is so adorable!   I have lots of thoughts about what we saw regarding Legion, but I’m going to hang onto those for another post.

My Week In WoW (October 28 – November 3)


Raiding was pretty similar to last week. No new kills. I did pick up my best-in-slot axe from Kazuun, which was a nice addition to my gear.  Also, as mentioned the other day, we acquired a gorgeous mount.  That made up for the lack of a mount from a certain horseman who has no head.

I also acquired the new pets and toys from the Hallow’s End event, so I am once again caught up on that stuff.


Now that bone collecting is complete, I’m working on Timeless Isle rep for that mount. I just go do the dailies by killing various fiery guys instead of the animals. I do grab rares when I can, but they go down so fast now, that that is near impossible if anyone else sees them first.  I did get the Everlasting Kiln toy while killing elites, so that was nice.

The circuit of disappointment – currently Zul’Gurub for both mounts, Karazahn for the infamous reins no one seems to ever get, and Stonecore – yielded nothing this week.


For the second week in a row, a dwarf showed up at the garrison to join the cause. Meet Alasdair Whitepeak

Alasdair Whitepeak


Wait, that wasn’t nearly excited enough.

OMG!! OMG!! OMG!!!

That’s better.

Girls Gone WoW did a nifty little contest for their 200th episode, which I participated in. And I was the lucky winner of this:


It’s huge! And Beautiful! And I don’t think I would want to make it mad. Look at those cunning eyes!

Thank you, EJ and Raven!

My Week In WoW (October 20-27)

And of course, having said I hoped to get back in to play a bit of WoW… my shoulder starts to bother me (don’t worry, it’s feeling somewhat better now.)


Made it through Socrethar this week, but we had to call it early on Thursday because we only had 10 people and my shoulder started to bother me.


Bone-White Raptor

Bone collecting complete!  Now to decide whether I want to level Grianna, work on getting my last two shards to get the dragon mount from the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, or go back to the Timeless Ilse.  I really ought to get back to leveling, which is probably part of why I’m resisting the project.


Meet Nance Doubleblade, who brings our Dwarven follower total to 18! 7 to go, and we’ll have a full complement of dwarves.



I’ll be making another podcast appearance at the end of November on Girls Gone WoW. They don’t do their shows live, but I’d love for you to weigh in on your thoughts regarding the races of Azeroth, which will be our topic. During the week prior to our recording session,  you can Tweet them (or me, I’ll pass tweets along), send them email, or leave them voicemail (though I have yet to figure out how that part works.)  I’ll provide more specific details when I hear more on that part of the show stuff.

My Week In WoW (October 12-19)

Not a lot of WoW happened this week, but hopefully there will be more in the near future.


We slid back on raiding, getting stuck on Xuhl’horac this past week.


We’ve acquired all three raptors from eggs on the Isle of Giants, and are sitting a bit shy of 3,000 bones.

I didn’t get around to the circuit of disappointment, so there’s no news on that front. I think that since I don’t need to go to Zul’Aman, I may start heading out to Tempest Keep to continue trying for Ashes of A’lar.


Another week with disappointing recruiting options.



My Week In WoW (October 5-11)


We got three first kills this week: Xhul’horac, Socrethar  and Tyrant Velhari. We only had time for a couple of pulls on Mannoroth, but clearly the nerfs helped us out quite a bit. (Though there is a lot of talk that those three are not difficult bosses once everyone understands the mechanics)  No loot for me this week, but we only DE’d a few items (mostly when we went back to the beginning of the raid), and I think a few two-piece and four-piece bonuses were completed in the raid. That always helps.

I also finished the Draenor Angler achievement, and so have Nat Pagle in my garrison.


I took a trip to Zul’Aman to get the guaranteed drop of the War Bear. Otherwise, the circuit of disappointment was, well, disappointing.   After that I headed off to the Isle of Giants to feel badass and farm some bones. After collecting around 1000, I got a primal egg, which dropped the Reins of the Black Primal Raptor.  My method going forward will be to collect bones until I get an egg, then wait to see what I get from the egg.  Her second trip to the Isle of Giants netted around 1200 bones before getting the egg.

I also spent some time looking for more Skyshards. It’s a pretty fast grind, but a few people were out doing it. I’m going to start taking Potions of Luck along, just for the extra funds.

I’m working on using up all the Garrison Resources my various alts collect. I send out followers on missions that net gold, items for sale or resources (or in some cases, follower gear tokens) and then purchase Smuggled Sack of Gold until they’re back down around 500 resources. The average per sack is 25g, so it can turn a nice profit every few days if you’re good about picking up your resources. Note that this is purchased at the Trading Post, so you may need to build one of those.  If this continues to work in Legion, all of my alts will wait in their Garrisons creating cash until it’s their time to go back to Azeroth.


No new dwarves showed up for recruitment this week.


Collection of mats will probably start in earnest next week, but some of the Pandaria ones were acquired by Breige while hunting Skyshards.